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Our Mission

Frequency Soil is a wellness center that provides care through birth work, body work and soul work. A tricare system of wellness created to tune the mind, body and soul. We pride our care on being creative and compassionate planners, alchemist, diviners, and full spectrum doulas and wellness advocates. This is a call to return to our roots and create channels that work best for our bodies. 

Our Founder

Imani Elle (she/her) currently serves as the founder of  Frequency Soil. A creative visionary, artist & entrepreneur, she started her first beauty company at 17. Since then, she has gone on to receive a Bachelors of Science in Psychology establishing her passion for mental health & wellness. 


Fueled in this lifetime as a wellness teacher and Clairaudient, Imani has learned the importance of living in alignment with one’s intuition and most authentic self. She uses her intuitive abilities to remind other beings of their imprint and impact within the universe. This prompted the creation of Frequency Soil the brand around adjusting the soil of your mind, body and soul through Frequency adjustments. The key elements of her work include a depth of knowledge and experience within a diverse range of spiritual traditions, astrology, tradition coaching and energy work. 


Imani enjoys developing creative talent through empowering others to vibrate in their beauty. As a member of the New Earth Mystery School community since 2017. Imani has studied with several wellness practitioners through  Maryam Hasnaa. With many teachings in energy work, shadow work, dream work, emotional alchemy and herbalism to name a few.  


Imani is also a practicing Doula through Mama Glow which is a NYC based Doula organization founded by Latham Thomas. 


Imani has always believed spiritual alignment & self-empowerment unite the culture of wellness and lifestyle as one. 



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